My apologies, it’s a little hard thinking geek topics tonight when I’m standing here in a purple gown, flowing sleeves that keep getting in the way, a long red wig and a “Princess” hat on.  You see tonight is the tradtion of “trick or treat” called Halloween.  So at my door cats, witches, and other assorted characters come to my door asking for candy in exchange for yelling “Trick or Treat” at the door.  We decorate our house and I always dress up in a costume to answer the door. 

So right now in between “treak or treaters” I’m on the wireless, typing on the laptop and shoving up my sleeves.  But I think if Princess Aurora was around today, she’d be on the Internet and she and Prince Charming would be making sure they stayed in touch with their subjects.  You don’t have to be a member of the Geek Squad to be “online” and “in touch”.  She’d have a MP3 player, I think, along with a dvd player, either a TIVO or a Windows Media edition, and of course so she could swap photos with Snow White, a digital camera and what not and probably be a “mobblogger“.  She’d have a smart phone for certain.  She and Prince Charming would have RSS feeds of the latest happenings of the Kingdom.  You know… the latest of what’s up with Flora, Fauna and Meriweather and what not. 

Seriously, look at the technology that is now used in animation and entertainment that we take for granted.  Pixar has a product called “Renderman“.  Heck, who ‘da thought that “Ray Differentials and Multiresolution Geometry Caching for Distribution Ray Tracing in Complex Scenes“ was uber geek speak for “this is how we do that really cool animation at Pixar“.  Shrek 2 was done with faster better computers, and George Lucas used newer technology to update Star Wars.

So as I go to answer the door again, just remember that technology is all around us and is even entertaining us.

Happy Halloween everyone!


2 Responses to So I think Princess Aurora would be using a laptop, wouldn’t you?

  1. Briar Rose says:

    OK so this is probably really geeky but the prince in Sleeping Beauty was NOT prince Charming – it was Prince Phillip. The prince in Cinderella was Prince Charming and interestingly enough, Prince Charming was also the prince in Snow White. 🙂 But I do agree that Princess Aurora would have a kick ass laptop 🙂

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