Hey that’s pretty cool!

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  Hey, this is pretty cool!  The Small Business Trends blog did a “PowerBlog” review of my blog.  I stumbled across the blog and found it to be very interesting.  A recent blog post about Australian small business, explaining marketing to small businesses, and how small businesses don’t buy the same way are just some of the cool stuff on this blog. 

Gee, those are some kind words.  I hope I can live up to that. 🙂

I do beleive that technology is INDEED a critical partner to business.  If you want to have a growing, thriving business and you are not [oh gosh here comes a word that I hate] “leveraging” technology to make your job easier, DUDE, wake up! 

Rules to remember in business:

1.  Excel is not an accounting program.

2.  Word is not a spreadsheet.

3.  Excel is not a database program [despite what us beancounters think]

4.  Capturing the data as it comes in the door is way easier than later.

5.  If you are keying in the same data in 4 places.  Stop.  Don’t.  Think of ways to tie in your information.

6.  Technology gives you flexibility.

Make technology do the hard work for you.


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  1. Anne Stanton says:

    YES !!! Someone else singing the EXCEL is not a database tune. 🙂