Okay I think this is a trend in the making… four people I know said about the same things in the short span of two days.  They are tired of buying three copies of Disney DVDs for their home entertainment system because they copies they bought for their kids get thrashed.  Now as a Disney shareholder [it’s in my 401K], I can say that I’m very happy that they are buying three copies of Disney DVDs, but as a person who doesn’t thrash DVDs but rather music cds, I can relate.  The home user wants a way to legally keep backups of the movies that they love.  Joe Wilcox today points out another problem with the digital home.  Lack of backups.  There’s one problem with Joe’s idea of popping a CD or DVD into the machine as backup media.

  • No CD or DVD that I know can backup an entire hard drive of “stuff“.  We get asked about CDbackups in the SBS marketplace and there’s just too much stuff on the server and the media doesn’t have a long enough life span for long term storage.
  • You still have the problem with the media storage that we had in our first paragraph… DVDs and Cdroms can get stratched.  They are not a permanent backup solution in my book.  At least not without special handling.

As we get more digitally based I see this as an issue I’m not sure we’ve got a good answer for at the present time.  I’ve always joked that SBS could be a “home server” but I think [as we chatted about in a listserve today] the wizards need to be more XP color pretty, options need to be really pared down, basically it needs to be way “Blonder” as I would call it.

In the SBS world, as I’ve blogged about before, we’ve majorly expanded our harddrives and tape drives haven’t kept up with the storage needs, nor reduced in price to keep up with the demand.  So many in SBSland are using external harddrives in USB enclosures to backup their data.  But I hope you have several of these enclosures that you can rotate on and off — don’t just depend on one to be your backup solution.

There was a recent CRN article about “Microsoft unveils simple SAN for Small Business” which sounded like this was a bolt on product for SBS.  Problem was, at a lovely price of $9,999 [oh just call it $10,000 will ya] I don’t think this is for the small businesses that I hang around.  I define Small Businesses as less than 100. 

Here’s what we can do with our backup.  Thanks to some “hacks” [the good kind] from SeanDaniel.com, he told us a way to swap between tape and disk for the backup target and then he talked about how to restore Sharepoint.  Chad has a cool “hack” way to backup and transfer a Sharepoint site from one site to another.  He uses FrontPage and uses the built in “web site backup wizard” in there.  Remember that if we have SBS 2003 Premium, we get a copy of Front Page to really expand and do lots with Sharepoint.

So don’t forget about backups.  At the office.  At home.  Make sure that critical data won’t be lost.


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