I hate GIG NICs

On November 14, 2004, in news, by

Well I got my Internet access working.. it was a STUPID nic that needed to be throttled to 10 speed and then it works.

Go figure!

P.S.  I also did something very blonde.  I left PcCillian’s firewall on the tablet PC that I was using as a test connection.  Little hard to ping a laptop from the server when the dang firewall is blocking ICMPs… Remember that nugget of wisdom.  Thank you, John Behneman for that gem and thanks for the nice chat as we were debugging the issue.  We both agreed that I think I want to take out the GIG card connected to the WAN and use a trusty Intel Server NIC instead.


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  1. Hello Susan,

    Your Welcome! Those Gigabit cards will get you everytime, I will talk to BillG and see if he can do something about them 😉

    Here is a nice link for your webpage:




  2. grey says:

    What brand gigE? I’ve had a helluva time with broadcom on numerous occasions. Intel doesn’t seem so bad (amazing, since their cpu’s have been stinking compared to AMD, and their NIC legal division stinks [e.g. OpenBSD firmware licensing attempts with intel]).