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One throttled nic gig later and I’m blogging from a temp domained tablet PC that is behind my “new baby” …my SBS 2003.  Right now the Windows Task manager is showing a 2% CPU usage and a 2.58 gig Page file.  My next step is to throttle ISA server and then it’s PATCH TIME!  Right now W3proxy is using 532,916K.  Let’s go adjust it,shall we?  And after adjusting it, W3proxy went to 115,972K.

ISA default to use 50% of free memory.
ISA Management -> Servers and Arrays -> Servername -> Cache Configuration {right mouse click on properties then on } -> Advanded tab. Next to Percentage of free memory to use for caching,
change the number from 50 to 10 apply.  Click on Save the changes and restart the services.

Courtesy of David Barnes Patch document.


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