Kewl I have a Search Box in Sharepoint now

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And I notice there’s a couple of missing steps in the “Completing Setup for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Premium Technologies” which are covered in the KB — How to turn on full-text search in Windows SharePoint Services on a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer

1.  in the section “to install SP3a to the Sharepoint” where it wants you to register the SQL server in the enterprise manager, it fails to warn you that you have to “opt” out of the wizard that first comes up and say “no don’t run a wizard” so you can type in Servername/SHAREPOINT otherwise it only grabs the server.  This is not clear, nor is it in the KB

2.  Only in the KB is the info on how to enable the full text search is listed.  I don’t see this anywhere in the “completing setup doc” on the cdrom.
Therefore I”d recommend that we stop telling folks in the newsgroup to follow it as it’s not complete and instead point them to

3. The recommendation is to add Management tools but when the server loads up the SQL server manager loads up as unconnected.  I don’t see where this is discussed anywhere to adjust this so that it’s monitoring the Sharepoint….or even if this step is needed or if we just leave it as unconnected \\  ? Since seeing “unconnected“ just bugs me no end I manually went in there and added my domain\SHAREPOINT.  I’m checking to see if that’s what should be done.

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  1. There is a KB on migrating Sharepoint from MSDE to SQL which I think covers the missing instructions your talking about. I found it to be right on point for getting Full Text to work although for whatever reason I had to basically do it twice with ‘iisresets’ mixed in.;en-us;837848

    How to move SharePoint Portal Server 2003 from MSDE to SQL Server