Thanksgiving weekend my SBS 2000 box will be retired folks.  That means the knowledge that I have of that platform is going into mothballs and I’ll slowly lose that information.  On 4.5, I honestly haven’t answered a question on SBS 4.5 is so long… I don’t remember it anymore.

So for all on you on SBS 4.5 — remember end of life is December 31, 2004

All of you on SBS 2000 — I’m not going to have a live machine after November.  Honestly, other than my STUPID NIC card issue [see prior blog post] the install went very smoothly. 

I think next week I’ll start prepopulating the Sharepoint site on the SBS 2003 box.  Kewl.  Looking forward to really “bamm”ing up the network as Emeril would say.


One Response to Okay folks… I’m putting you guys on notice

  1. Jason Jystad says:

    I’m curious what your standard set of things to do with the Sharepoint site are?

    I am still finding ways to integrate the new WSS system into my client’s businesses and I would love to hear what approaches you take.