Interesting stats thus far

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I’m Tallying the AICPA Technology survey tonight [it just closed down] and there’s an interesting pattern in here.  I won’t say what it is… but I think you might be surprised about one of the results.  It has to do with a question we asked over and above the survey questions.  When the survey is released I’ll let you know what this cryptic post was about.  🙂

This sort of got me thinking about what kind of feedback do you ask from your clients?  I met up a group that was a MS Partner and they used a third party survey firm to get feedback.  Do you gather feedback?  Try to figure out what you need to do better?  Better communication?  Better training?

That was one interesting thing about the Security MVP summit I went to in Redmond.  Feedback.  Listening.  Taking notes.  There was a lot of it going on.  Good stuff and VERY good memories. 

Except I’d still like to know about the shower head and Noreen.  Never did hear the full story on that one.  🙂


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  1. Anne Stanton says:

    There is definitely an art to Survey writing and my associate Alex Spalding of Spalding Marketing reminds me often about the difference between a "Gillette" marketing department and the smaller firms without the million dollar budgets. In the meantime Alex is now on her own so if you really want some BIG company power in a little package check out her webpage at (hummm I should probably blog about that)