Wayne [and Jeff] ping me on IM and send me this photo that there’s an entire store devoted to me.  😉

By the way does everyone know the REAL reason why I called the blog “DIVA”… it’s because David Coursey called me that in a SBS 2003 review that I helped him with and I thought it was funny enough to call the blog that.  Wayne is joking that I need to set up a 1-800-SBSDIVA hotline.

… don’t know about THAT one…


2 Responses to Wayne says there is an entire store devoted to me

  1. Wayne Small says:

    Hey – I was not joking about the 1800 number – or the car license plates either! 🙂

  2. Anne Stanton says:

    Susan… In the interest of supporting the entrepreneurally mindset make it a 1-900 number and either donate the profits to charity or create a fund to pay to get you out on the road sharing all that GREAT knowledge with the rest of the less technical world. Small Business Server is about small business, but the trouble is that small business is not technical enough across the world to benefit from it.

    A catch 22