Getting technical help

On November 17, 2004, in news, by

I will use Google before asking a dumb question is what Bart is writing on the chalkboard.

Tristan has a great blog post about how to gather information for a tech issue.  This is very timely given our “community” issue last week with the security patch.  As much as we hate issues with patches, I think all of us need to pat ourselves on the back.  As I posted in the listserve today, it’s only when we call in, report the issues, work with Product Support Services can we make the patching experience better.  Thank you to everyone who called in and contacted PSS and got to the bottom of the patch issue.

I have another page that lists the recommended steps before posting to the newsgroups.

Just remember:

  • There are no dumb questions
  • More often than not, you are not the first with this issue
  • Computers are objects that YOU WILL MASTER [trust me… they’ll finally let you think you are in control
  • Computers are unionized.  If one thing breaks on one computer, there will usually be something that breaks on another


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