Just a reminder that Windows update at this time is NOT enough to keep us patched up. The WUS public beta just opened up but it’s not [let me repeat that] NOT MEANT to be put on production machines.  As a consultant on a TEST BOX you can try it out, give feedback and be an annoying SBSer, but DON’T put it on a production setting.

In the meantime, don’t forget our download page.  On that page there are some additional patches that are NOT Windows Updatable.  Our ISA 2000 patch for SBS 2003 premium is not yet on the site but it was “just” re-released.

Remember when you sign up for the beta [IF you sign up for the beta] that you download the readme file and READ IT [you know… read the um…. manual].  There are some SBS specific steps, so make sure you read the instructions.

Go here, go into the reporting bugs section, follow the instructions for getting to The WUS OEP Beta site and click on the known issues link.


2 Responses to Have you visited the download page lately?

  1. Ian Murphy says:

    Downloaded all the bits to try it out, went to instal … and found that BITS 2.0 doesn’t install on non-english servers, bummer.

    Initially the only feedback is going to be from english speaking countries. Given that patch distribution is multilingual I hope this is something that can be adressed soon….


  2. Susan says:

    Yup this is still the beta.