Jim pinged me on IM with an issue with offline folders not syncing and it was as a result of this.  Thanks to Javier to the answer.  I honestly don’t use offline folders

Synchronizing Offline Folders Does Not Synchronize Subfolders:

It goes to showcase the power of everyone out here.  One person cannot be the expert, but the “been there, done that’s“ can.  I got a ping today about where our SBS communities were located because someone was posting in the Windows server group and needed SBS help. 

Remember the home site is www.microsoft.com/sbs from there our Communities can be found here:  http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/sbs/newsgroup.mspx

Hey, I just noticed there’s an RSS feed for our most active threads.  Cool.

A poster just mentioned that he finds himself depending on the newsgroups too often for answers and as Bill said, “this is a problem“?  Anytime you are in the newsgroup and you see a “been there, done that“ that you can respond to, do it.  You don’t need a credential, an award or anything to provide the “oh yeah, I’ve worked through that issue“ that is GOLD.  There is no better amount of information that real experience.  The newsgroups are the place to share what works, what doesn’t.  Lurk, post, pull up a chair and join us.  For the most part we’re pretty friendly around there.


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