So you think you are patched, do you?

On November 20, 2004, in Security, by

Sorry for harping on this issue like a broken record but I’m finishing up the new server and just wanted to point out a few things:

Windows update may say I’m patched:

But Shavlik ‘s HfnetchkPro disagrees:

In fact we’re missing 3 service packs and 8 security updates:


We’re not done yet!

But even then, we need a bit more patches found on our download page:

The post Exchange sp1 fix up and our mitigation to name just a few


2 Responses to So you think you are patched, do you?

  1. Pauld says:

    So, err, is there any Microsoft-approved way of making sure our SBS boxes are all patched and up-to-date?

    At the moment i’m using Windows Update + Baseline Security Analyzer.

  2. Susan says:

    MBSA misses ISA Server. At this time Windows Update Services [WUS] is still in beta but the intent is that it will patch all parts of our boxes.