Antivirus anyone?

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When I first got my other server, SBS 2000, I actually delayed the roll out of that server because you had to either wait for Exchange 2000 sp1 or do a funky registry workaround.  Because you never want to put a server in production without

  • Antivirus
  • Patching
  • Firewall
  • Backup

Fortunately for SBS 2003 we had antivirus protection AND Backup AND Firewall from Day 1.  The entire industry is working on the patching part [patience].

I like to have a server based antivirus that watches the server, the workstations and Exchange.  You don’t want to have your workstations get the gunk… you want to block it at the server BEFORE it hits your desktops.

Loading up Trend and you can either follow Les’s info or Amy’s. 

Remember at the end, you have to add website of officscan into the Trusted site zone of your Internet Explorer.  Tools, Internet Options, Security and Add that website to the trusted site zone to get the web site to work.

Next make sure you exclude Exchange files AND exclude our SBS Cal file locations. Since I moved my Exchange server files to my E: partition, I had to adjust Les’s exclude info.

The Exclude for the CAL location is:

  • File – %windir%\system32\
  • Folder – %windir%\windows\system32\lls

We do this because if you scan those files you “may” end up only having 5 cals in the morning as the anitivirus corrupts the files.  They are similar to Exchange files that you want to make sure are excluded.  [and no this doesn’t happen in all cases but I’m a paranoid nutcase who likes to be prepared – noticed I said “may“ and not “will“ – it doesn’t always occur – and it’s also caused sometimes by hardware issues]

Remember to enable the spyware setting in Trend as well and to ensure that Quaranteed virus files don’t mess with your backup.


P.S.  To whomever thought to name the files that do the license counting.with the extension of .cpa … was that a coincidence or did you just figured it had to be a boring beancounter to keep track of the licenses?


P.S.S.  Don’t forget to go into the Scanmail console [I use the not web based for this as I don’t want to load JAVA on the server] and make sure it is set to update every hour on the hour.


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