So getting ready to cut over and I’m ensuring that the tweaks and stuff I had in the old server are in the new one so I’m remoting into both the server at the office and the new server at home from my laptop while sitting at home in front of the TV.  Talk about a mouse potato.  The only calamity I nearly had was when my lip developed a leak and I spilled Mountain Dew into the touchpad of the laptop.  Fortunately it’s my older laptop.

So I’m sure you want to know the point of this post other than the fact that I can’t drink and compute at the same time?

You do know how to remote into your server and “be” at the server while sitting at your desk don’t you?

It’s EASY.

  • Start
  • Accessories
  • Communication
  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • Now put in the IP address of the server or the computer name
  • Log as Administrator and password and….
  • Voila

But SuperG would say do it via command line rather than my GUI way

To connect to the console session of a server

  1. Open Command Prompt. [start, run, cmd]
  2. Type: mstsc /v:server /console

Where “server” is the IP address or name of the server.  That connects you to the “console” session on that server.


See!  Easy!


4 Responses to Nothin’ like driving two servers at the same time

  1. Kevin Weilbacher says:

    I like the SG command line method. Why? ‘Cause you can then make it into a shortcut and put in on your desktop!

  2. Raj says:

    You know you can save an RDP file to the desktop, right?!

  3. I wonder why the Remote Desktop Connection GUI doesn’t have an option to log into the console session (even the 5.2 version).

  4. Bill Vogel says:

    How about using the url http://"servername"/tsweb/Default.htm?AutoConnect=1

    6 1/2 dozen the other?