So I just put in my Sharepoint CALs

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Got the SQL patch to work on the SBSMonitoring… it was weird because I reran the monitoring wizard leaving the “defaults” and then it patched like a champ.  The only “unpatched” item is the .Net 1.1 sp1 that Shalik can’t report as patched [this will be fixed in another version].  So I think I’m good to go now on patches.  I just added the 5 CALs that I got due to our Sharepoint issue from last year and it got me thinking.  I almost should have put in the extra 5 cals that I got as a result of the Sharepoint date issue on November 24th, the anniversary of that issue. 

I have to give a huge thank you to Les Connor.  He was the one who spotted the trend of Sharepoints falling over in the public and partner newsgroups and the one who spotted the post from the guy who figured out it was an issue with the date. 

As we come up to the year anniversary of the Sharepoint moment… remember that we all win when we share our experiences.  I hate to sound like a broken record here, but it’s in the patterns that we spot from all of us that we can learn the most.

What’s the thing to remember most about the SBS 2003 box?  Don’t forget the “To do“ list.  Stay with the “standards“

Don’t do the remote/RRAS VPN wizard and you’ll get your RRAS picking up a wonky name.

Don’t do the Monitoring wizard and you can’t patch your MSDE instance of SBSMonitoring.

Don’t do the Connect to Internet wizard and you can’t get out to the Internet correctly and safely in the first place.

Make sure you go down that To Do list and check those boxes.  They are there to help you standardize your system. 



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