Don’t forget the little things

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So today I called Ultrabac and got the license updated for use on the new server as the license is tied to the server name.  I lamely named my SBS2000 a firmname-year [don’t do that] so I’m making a decision to have the server name nice and short so I had to get a license key from Ultrabac as a result.

So you are probably asking….so why did you choose Ultrabac when SBS 2003 already HAS a backup [and a pretty darn decent one at that]? 

Well there’s a couple of reasons.  For one, it’s a software that I have maintenance on.  It’s bought and paid for.  I bought it because back on SBS 2000 I was not going to code and script a backup method and I wanted email notification.  Veritas caused an issue with Exchange licenses so I tried Ultrabac and liked it.  Then, I have a Sony quad loader and again, I’ve already bought the module that covers that.  Lastly I have now two servers and Ultrabac is licensed for that too.  Now I do have to put the Ultrabac ON the SBS box as I have the SBS license plus the addons.  At home I’m using the built in backup which is working quite nicely. 

These days tape backup is more and more restrictive so if I were you I’d be making sure that server has a USB 2.0 or Firewire on that puppy so you can use other means like USB harddrives.  Tape drivers are just harder and harder to justify as a backup platform anymore. 

Here is what my new baby …um..server looks like.

And I’m going to test something out.  I’m “NOT“ going to disable smb signing and I’m going to see if the speed is fine with all my XP sp2 workstations as the fixes for that issue are already in SP2.  I am going to adjust off oplocking and autodisconnect because Quickbooks likes it with those adjusted.



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  1. Stevereno says:

    That is a sweet looking machine. Thanks for posting about it – that is helping me on the new server build for my consulting company. I am up and running on my new server and have migrated 1 workstation and 1 remote workstation. Wireless is next – secure wireless is a challenge but doable – I will be posting my experience with the new server soon.

    I don’t know how you keep up with the prolific rate of posts on your blog – keep at it – I look forward to them. I ‘m getting better at SBS support thanks to the SBS community and posts like yours.

    Thanks for your contribution!