Today, well, actually I mean tomorrow, but in reality today … um.. okay see Australia is a day ahead so “today“ in the USA is our SBS infamous “we survived the Sharepoint date issue” anniversary in Australia where the issue first popped up because they are a day ahead of us [got all that– we’ll have a quiz later]. 

As I said at the time, leave it to the SBS newbie keep us humble.  As it fades into the collective memories of SBS, sort of like a birthing experience and afterwards you end up with an adorable kid….here’s a couple of things that “I’m“ doing or planning to do on my brand spankin’ new SBSized Sharepoint.

  • Beancounters need to know when we’re going to CPE [continuing education].  So we have two sign out calendars in my office, one for vacation, one for CPE.  So in addition to the built in vacation calendar, I added one for CPE.

  • I’m going to enable RSS feeds from it.  Why?  Besides the fact that I’m an RSS nutcase you mean? Because when I approached the idea of the Companyweb being the homepage for folks, I got a bit of a cool reception to that idea.  No worries.  I’ll enable RSS feeds on that Sharepoint site using Sid Weber’s parts and push the information out to Newsgator inside of Outlook in addition to showing people how to sign up for alerts.  If folks don’t want to go, I’ll push the info to them.

  • I’m planning to put all the things that make me go.. now where the heck did I put that? on Sharepoint:

    • The PDF of the latest human resource manual

    • The PDF of the latest computer policy

    • “Basic How To’s“ to do basic stuff like email, Internet research and what not.  [Yes I get asked “how do I send an email“ enough.. file, send to, mail receipient as attachment…. blah blah…

  • Oooh I need to remind myself of putting the pdf icon thing in Sharepoint otherwise that will drive me crazy without the right “picture“ icon. Chad blogged about that earlier.

  • I’m going to stick up there marketing materials and brochures that we’ve done that I normally again go… uh…where did I put that?

  • One thing I’m definitely going to change and look for new ones is the theme.  Need something besides the defaults [it’s a girl thing – we have to move around the furniture at least once a year or so].  Hey I just found some themes here, I’ll have to check them out!

  • While I have a Ultrabac backup that specifically backs up SQL server, I think I’ll be stsadm-ing too!

So think of all the things that you go …uh…where did I put that? in your firms!  I’m off to Sharepoint tonight!


One Response to As we pause for a moment of silence for our “Sharepoint” Anniversary

  1. Tim Barrett says:


    Speaking of SharePoint themes, here are 12 *complete* SharePoint Web Template Packages:

    – Accounting

    – Doctor

    – Finance

    – Government

    – High School

    – Hospital

    – Human Resources

    – Insurance

    – Legal

    – Project Management

    – Real Estate, and

    – Sales

    Here’s a great web page that discusses customizing SharePoint themes:

    And some advanced SharePoint customization tips:

    Even info on RSS feeds:

    It’s really a great site! 🙂

    -Tim Barrett

    Kentucky Small Business Server User Group (KYSBSUG)