It’s easy!  First I’ll showcase “my” tool of choice for “sucking” in webblogs into Outlook.  It’s called Newsgator.  Download it, try it out first [you can buy it later] and install it so it sits inside your Outlook [which is where it automatically goes]. 

Now the fun part.  Let’s find RSS feeds.  Okay let’s say for arguments sake you want to pull this blog into Outlook/Newsgator. See up there up above this post that Orange thing-a-ma-bob up there on the web site that says “XML”.  Go move your mouse up there and right mouse click on it. See how there is now a “subscribe in newsgator” option that you didn’t have before?  Click that.  See?  That’s how easy it is to subscribe to an RSS feed and have it sucked into Outlook!

Oh and by the way, Nick’s pointed to the fact that we have a new SBS “blogosphere” family member.  In addition to Charlie and Sean and the EHLO [Exchange] blog, and lots more we have the SBS documentation team blog hosted by Steve Holland!

Want to read Charlie’s Volleyball referee adventures in Outlook along with SBS stuff [the Volleyball stuff is fun to read].. well there ya go….

Get some WAY WAY kewl tips from  Piece of cake!

See how easy this is?  Don’t forget… any time you see this   it’s a sign that you can read that in your favorite newsreader.  Now then every hour or so that Newsgator goes out and checks for updates.  So next time Charlie is refereeing, you’ll know.  And the next time is finding some other way to backup to some bizarre media, you’ll know, and then next time Steve blogs another kewl tip on SBS, you’ll know that too and you won’t have to go all over the Internet to find this stuff, it will just come to you automagically… kinda like how SBS does stuff all the time!

More information on newsreaders can be found here [and hint… it’s also the place with info on Security bulletins via RSS  😉 so don’t forget to sign up for those while you are at it!

Look for those ORANGE ICONS and start Right Mouse Clickin’!


5 Responses to So ya wanna get this stuff in your inbox rather than the web huh?

  1. Tim Barrett says:


    Your post is wonderful! I’ve only been using for a few weeks, and I am TOTALLY addicted to NewsGator! In fact, I just did a presentation at our last SBS user group meeting about it (details below). It’s just one of those "how did I ever get along without it" kind of products.

    Other than the entire XML / RSS concept of news coming to you instead of vice versa, I think the best feature of NewsGator has to be integration with Outlook 2003 & Outlook Web Access. With OWA and NewsGator I can check my e-mail, news and blogs, plus have contacts and calendar access in Internet Explorer, no matter where I am. And if I leave my workstation at the office logged in (but locked), the RSS feeds still come in automatically. What a killer combination!!

    At our SBS meeting we talked about using RSS from an administration or sales standpoint to communicate with your SBS customers. If you’d like the ability to relay a message to all your customers at once (perhaps a monthly special, a vacation notice or security update) it’s simple.

    Just create a blog with a RSS feed, install a feed reader such as Smiling Goat ( on each customers SBS box, and create and drop a web part onto their http://companyweb site that displays your RSS feed. (If you have Remote Administration turned on at each customer’s site, you never even have to get out of your chair!)

    Then each time you post to your blog, all of your customer intranet sites are updated with your message, without worrying about spam filters, out-of-office assistants, attachment blocking or mailbox quotas.

    And if that weren’t enough, with NewsGator you can actually post to your blog from *inside* Outlook. It’s a beautiful thing! (wiping away a small tear).

    As the "Bass-o-matic" commercial used to say, "It’s Just That Easy"! All right, I’m done gushing now.

    -Tim Barrett

    Kentucky Small Business Server User Group (KYSBSUG)

  2. Thanks for the praise Susan!

    You are a wonderful voice in the Business Choir. And I certainly love the song you’re singing.


  3. Me says:

    You must be proud of yourself, paying for a feature that comes with SBS. Its called newsgroups.

  4. Susan says:

    Newsgroups don’t "come" with SBS. And blogs and RSS is different than newsgroups. They both have their places.

    There are free newsreaders but I like newsgator so much that I like to pay for things I like to keep around.

    Charlie isn’t in the newsgroups, nor is Sean.

    Sorry, but I just think it’s a different way to communicate, that’s all.

  5. Noah Kaufman says:

    I haven’t been able to get Smiling Goat’s news reader to work with ISA Server 2000. When we enter the SBS server information into the proxy fields for the web part, the feed simply times out.

    Is there a known work-around for this behavior?