As the robocopy goes flying by

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I made a painful decision to rip out my domain and rename it [as I stupidly named it the last time] to ensure that as I go forward I don’t have to do this again, and rather can use other migration methods.  For me, it was a toss up between what I’m doing and ADMT method.  Right now I’m using a robocopy script in a command line [yes, you can pick yourself off the floor, the GUI gal is using script] to copy files from the spare harddrive in her computer that she “robocopied” them over to.

And look at all that nice big space I have on that nice big harddrive!

I’ve also found that there’s one person on the office that is a packrat when it comes to email.  This one person has the BIGGEST mailbox.  I really need to get after this person to do a better job of cleaning out their inbox.  I need to go after…. um… well… me.  I’m definitely a piler, not a filer when it comes to email and that definitely needs to be something that I do a better job as I go forward.

  • Trend on this workstation is now hooked to the new server.

  • ISA client is updated [remember after ISA sp2 there’s a new ISA client.

  • Data is flying by a black DOS window as it copies the data from the spare harddrive back to the server.

We got to talking about domain and computer naming schemas.  One person said they worked on a network where it was named after Lord of the Rings characters. Another was names of the bible.  I guess I’m kinda boring here.  We actually name them for the folks who have the desktops because we have some funky business applications that throw up the workstation name -not the username mind you- to let you know someone is still in the program and you need them out.


3 Responses to As the robocopy goes flying by

  1. Sean Daniel says:

    I’m also boring, sometimes I go with the planet names… or in the case of my house, since every PC has a purpose, I name it that. "Server" "MediaCenter" "Pocket_PC" …. I gotsta get more creative too!

  2. Tim says:

    Ive always used geographic/office/unique number.

    So like: ATLHR001

    For Atlanta Human Resources 001.

  3. Workablob says:

    A great GUI for robocopy that only takes up 2MB with no installtion required is

    CopyRite XP.

    It runs on XP, 2K and 2K3

    All of the switches are in an easy to use graphical format.

    My favorite is being able to save jobs as CMD or BAT files to run later.