So I”m googling tonight for one last tweak.  I’m sharing out ALL my mailboxes in Exhange to all the other people in the office.  Yes, you heard that right, I’m sharing out the ENTIRE mailstore with all my other employees.  For all my paranoia why in the world am I doing that?

Because there should be nothing in the employees mailboxes that is private.

There are times that people are on vacation that need to go into another person’s mailbox.  There are times that “I” need to check another mailbox.  Because all email inside the business should be, first and foremost for business, there should be no personal information, no private and confidential information that one wouldn’t be willing to share with another person in the office.

So I’ve also flipped the Exchange to native mode, turned off circular logging [and thanks Sean, I wasn’t sure exactly where that setting was actually], ensured that the quotas were turned off.

I “think” it’s just a matter of adjusting the Mailbox store to allow all Authenticated Users [or even Everyone in 2k3 as that group no longer has anonymous users] to have full rights on that mailstore.  If that’s NOT the place to do this [as I can’t remember since it was such a long time I did this on Exchange 2000], can somone let me know?

I’ll also be taking this laptop with me and doing the “rule of always have a way to get to the Internet and newsgroups” tomorrow as I start the cutover.


3 Responses to Really this isn’t as out of character as you think

  1. Hi Susan,

    Probably you are looking for this TechNet article ??

    How to assign service account access to all mailboxes in Exchange Server 2003;en-us;821897

    Keep in mind the "political" issues with this implementation 😉

    Hope this help !.


  2. Tim says:

    Interesting idea, however just because all email in a business email box should be business, doesnt mean its fit for consumption by any user in the office. At least not in my office. As an example, if one manager emails payroll information to the manager in your office, that info is now available to everyone.

    Not to mention, placing all users in an office is dangerous from an operational stand point as well. Should you lose that store/server, now every worker in your office is without email. Far better, should needs/size support it, to ‘share the wealth’ amongst servers.

    Obviously (hopefully) management has already signed off on this, so its moot, but I can’t see something like this flying in even the smallest of offices. Would go over like a lead balloon here.

    Just my thoughts.


  3. Susan says:

    Tim.. we’re SBS… we have one server for mail. And for the record "I’m" part of managment here and it’s in our AUP [acceptable use policy] and payroll info is not emailed… if it is…[and it’s not] it would be password protected anyway.