So the robocopy finished and I have copied over the data files and was checking to make sure that the data had copied and noticed the drive space on the newly build server was slowly decreasing.


Then it hit me.  It was 11:00 p.m. and I had set up a test backup the night before of the little bit of data that was on the server at that time to backup to the drive since I hadn’t yet moved over the tape drive.

Duh.  Nothing like backing up what you are backing up.  You’ve seen those circular errors in Excel haven’t you? [Okay so maybe it’s a beancounter thing] anyway I stopped the backup and cleaned up the log files and all is well. 

Tomorrow is clean up day… all the little things.  Okay off to bed and Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US as it’s already Thursday for me. 

For those that aren’t in the USA to celebrate to know what the day is about… well it’s a day we give thanks for our blessings.

Mind a little indulgence while I say “thanks“?

Thank you to all the SBSers that pitch in and help each other out day in and day out.

Thank you to my friends, my extended family around the globe.  I’m not going to embarrass anyone by naming names but you guys know who you are.  You keep me in line, threaten to put duct tape on the email port when I go overboard, you keep me grounded and humble.  Some of you are in this photo.

Thank you to the folks that I know through …well for lack of a better term.. geek relationships that go beyond way that.  You guys work so hard, are so talented, that it just makes me want to learn more, to do more.  You guys inspire me.  Who knows… I keep joking that one of these days I just might get comfortable with command line and scripting. 

Thanks to the SBS family members/Motherships from around the globe.  I don’t think SBSers realize the passion and dedication of these folks.  From Dev to Support to Sales… the passion, the caring is beyond belief.

On this Thanksgiving day, thank you to the folks that touch SBS, affect SBSers.  You know who you are.

Thank you.


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