Windows 2003 by default does not turn on, doesn’t even install ftp service.  To get my network back “exactly” to full working order by Monday I had to install ftp service and enable it.  Now after my old server is reincarnated as a member server I think I’ll enable the IIS/FTP on it and move this to the member server…but in general here’s the info to get the a Konica copier to do scanning and printing

If you need to get a Konica copier/scanner attached to your network, you basically have to go back into add/remove windows components, drill down under the IIS components, add FTP.

Then you go to the default ftp web site and change the “landing place” to the location you have chosen to be your scan spot.

For setting up the print driver, don’t forget it wants to be a LPR printer.

And flip the WinPrint to TEXT


[Sorry Sean LOTS of pictures in this one 😉




4 Responses to I just added a bit of insecurity to my network

  1. Wayne Small says:

    Hey Susan,

    You’ve not really made your network insecure, provided that is of course you didn’t open port 21 on the external router or ISA… you are running an external firewall router aren’t you 😉

  2. Susan says:

    Yes dear along with a 2×4 at the doorway 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    But I did add insecurity.. I added an attack surface that wasn’t there before, something I have to ensure to patch. While port 21 is not open from the outside, I obviously added something that the "push for security" disabled.

  4. nitin agarwal says:

    hello susan

    i was reading your book " the complete patch management book"

    and in the chapter "what microsoft patch contain"

    can you please tell me how did you discovered the DLL enclosed in the patch.

    thank you

    nitin agarwal