So why did I?

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From the mailbag comes a couple of questions from Jeff L out of Vancouver regarding some things I did in Exchange:

  • Why did I manually turn off circular logging?
  • Why switch to native mode?

When the SBS2k3 ships and you have not run the backup wizard, SBS protects you from your own stupidity by having circular logging in Exchange turned on.  If  the folks in the Motherships of SBS PSS had a dime for every time a SBS box ran out of space because they were not running a backup of Exchange and the log files grew too large on that box, they’d probably at least have enough money for one mondo cool Christmas party.  So when SBS2k3 was built, the circular logging is enabled and automagically DISabled when you run the backup wizard.  Because I have a third party backup program and NOT the built in one [mainly because I’m backing up two servers and using a quad loader] I needed to make sure that the logging was turned off.

Why switch Exchange to native?  By definition, mixed mode is needed in a mixed Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2000 forest or whatever you Big Server folks call it when you have several Exchange servers.  Uh.. folks.. once you migrate from SBS 2000…look around…. there’s no Exchange 2000 left to worry about.

One click later.. and my box is a native now.

P.S.  Evan in the comment section points out that even if I “had” Exchange 2k and 2k3 combo we could still flip to native.  It’s only there to “talk” to an Exchange 5.5 box.  All the MORE reason to kill it off  😉


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  1. Evan says:

    Susan –

    Important to note that it’s not actually the combination of Exchange 2000 and 2003 that requires mixed mode, it’s Exchange 5.5 that forces that setting. You can have both Exchange 2000 and 2003 in the same forest and still switch to Exchange Native mode.