What a geek uses for Christmas shopping

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In case you are wondering… I don’t do malls anymore for my after Thanksgiving day Christmas shopping experience.  I do online shopping.   From Amazon.com to Outpost.com [Frys online shopping experience] there isn’t much you can’t find online.

You guys know about Google’s comparison shopping site called Froogle don’t you?

Just some reminders this holiday season.  Retailers don’t send emails asking you to confirm usernames and passwords.  It’s called Phishing.  While we should be aware of the bad stuff online, remember that my sister got her credit card info stolen from a restaurant.  Every time that card goes to the cashier to be swiped, it could also be swiped on a portable card reader.  A news story like what happened to my sister is talked about here.

Some things to remember

  • Review your credit report on an annual basis and question any remarks, comments you don’t think should be there

  • Have a dose of healthy skepicism when using online web sites [look for the padlock like is shown above down in the system tray and don’t put your credit card on a site that doesn’t AT LEAST have that in the shopping cart section].  That said, buddies of mine in the dotcom days said that sites would regularly email credit card orders unencrypted from the order taker to the fulfiller all the time.

  • A good list of “how to handle your credit card“ is listed here


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  1. Rod Trent says:

    Don’t forget Overstock.com!