We’re putting up the Bradley Christmas tree and this normally includes one of us [normally me] crawling on my knees in the attic to pull out the Christmas ornaments.  The good news is this year we found the spare tiny light bulbs.. the huge bag of tiny light bulbs…that is as big as it is because every year we can’t find the bag of spare tiny light bulbs until about December 26th and we buy more each year. All bulbs worked this year [we leave the light strings on the tree], so it’s fitting we found the bag when we don’t need it.  We’ll probably forget where we’re going to store it this Christmas season in case we need it so we’ll probably end up with more light bulbs after we go to the store and buy more because neither one will remember where we stuck the bag.

When I was a little girl we had a mondo kewl Christmas tree.  Aluminum tree with the color glo wheel.  Now THAT was a Christmas tree.  None of this warm, cozy Christmas tree stuff, this was George Jetson’s tree embodied.  To see how much it costs now…just don’t tell my Dad who probably sent it off to Salvation Army years ago how much they are selling for now.  But we didn’t have a hardwood…nah … our tree was 100% metal.  One day Mom was vacuming the living room and had to yell “timber” as she sent the tree tumbling over.

Okay enough of a break… time to crawl back in and drag out the rest of the ornaments.

P.S.  You don’t have to call my Sister.. I made it out.  🙂


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