If you are into learning online you might want to check out some of the resources and links for info.

First off are the full video webcasts or seminars that can be found here at the Microsoft online seminars.  Click around and take a look.  Some great topics out there.

Then there are the Office Live meeting style of webcasts which can be searched from [sort of anyway] through here.  It’s really not clear that if you uncheck everything except “on-demand” it appears to seach old webcasts.  I’m checking to see if there’s an easier way.

Then there are the chats [through the new interface that doesn’t need funky ports opened up]. 

Then there are e-courses that you can take online.  Michael Howard refers to several of the Security Dev courses here.

A couple of other sites that have great security online seminars.  Blackhat for one has online presentations.  Defcon has online stuff as well [check out their “see it“ “hear it“ sections.

Last but not least Jerry has a long list of excellent resources.

I know that I even will fire up an archived webcast and stick the video over on my second monitor and listen in while multi-tasking.  It’s a great way to at least keep up to date on the buzz words 🙂

If you run an SBS user group, we’re starting to do Office Live meeting presentations to groups amongst ourselves.  It’s really cool.  All it takes is a phone, a high speed connection and an Office Live meeting account and we’ve had presentations where I’m in Florida, Roger and 25 other people are in San Diego and another presenter is in Redmond.  I’ve used the technology as well to have presenters talk to my CalCPA tech groups. 

Think about remote presenting to your clients as well.  Nothin’ sells SBS more than showing what it can do.

P.S. Forgot one more source for Webcasts… the MSDN ones.


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