As she wipes a tear from her eye

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Sniff sniff… as I do my first “send to, as attachment” out of Excel via Outlook, I got my first sidebar box in Outlook that reminded me I’m on my new and improved SBS 2003 box now and we’re no longer in Kansas [meaning SBS 2000] anymore!

See that?  That sucker is asking me… do you want to automagically set up a Sharepoint Shared space?  Oooh I’m getting gooseybumpies here.  You know about the document that talks about the best integration that you get is with Office 2003 and Sharepoint [and I would argue SBS 2003]?  Click on that link and see what I mean.

About shared attachments

When you send a file as a shared attachment, a Document Workspace site is created for the attachment in the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site that you specify. The Document Workspace carries the same name as the attached file.

Note  If you attach more than one file, the Document Workspace carries the name of the first file in the list of attachments.

Members of the Document Workspace

As the sender of the shared attachment, you become the administrator of the Document Workspace, and all the recipients become members of the Document Workspace, where they are members of the contributor site group.

Recipients can open the attachment, or they can follow the link that is added automatically to the message. The link goes to the home page of the Document Workspace, where a copy of the e-mail attachment is stored in the Shared Documents library.

Document updating

If the e-mail attachment is a document or Single File Web Page (MHTML) from Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, a document from Microsoft Office Visio 2003, or an XML file from Word or Excel, members of the Document Workspace can open and work on their own copy of the attachment while the Microsoft Office program that they’re using to edit the document periodically gets updates from the Document Workspace. Members can also save their changes to the Document Workspace copy.

Mondo kewl, huh!


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  1. Yeah Susan it is cool…. been using it both internally and externally for myself and clients for well over a year now. Windows Sharepoint Services and the intergration it provides is wonderful and many, many things you can do with it.

    Heck it’s endless on what you can do with SBS 2k3 too when you really start delving under the hood. Many improvments over 2000. Glad we worked long and hard in helping Microsoft make it such a great product.

    Glad to see you finally got updated.