Windows 2003 sp1 just hit release candidate status which means we are getting closer to our SBS 2003 sp1 bundle.  Remember, SBS 2003 sp1 WILL include ISA 2004 for the Premium folks with our SBS wizards specially tuned just for us.  Jeff at TechsoEasy the other day pointed out in a blog comment that while we “could” run all of the install/configurations of the “Connect to the Internet Wizard” [known in SBSland as the CEICW] you would be quite daft if you would

As he pointed out, there are 506 lines of instructions that the wizard goes through as it configures.  Now mind you if the testing folks on the USA today honeypot would have either done all 506 lines manually or just ran the dang wizard, or merely read any of the documentation for this little guy they would have tested the SBS box in a “real” production setting and not a bogus honeypot test, but I probably need to back off on the Mountain Dew so I can calm down over that article.

As we get closer to the SBS 2k3 beta, let me remind you of the fact of how important feedback is.  Granted I’m a bit of a nutcase to track down authors that I consider to be putting out bad information, but if you are anywhere and see incorrect information, stuff that just doesn’t make sense, stuff that needs clarified, just say so.  Send an email.  Speak up.  A little email goes a long way.

Remember too the SP will be shipping/media costs.


2 Responses to Patience…all good things come to those who wait

  1. Pauld says:

    2003 SP2 includes lockdowns for Outlook Express and a new version of Windows Media Player.

    I don’t think either of these should be installed on any small business server.

  2. Susan says:

    Yes, if they are in there they might be a threat.