Well you guys missed it.  The “Down Unda” Lycra Tour of Wayne Small, Dean Calvert and Jeff Middleton is coming to an end and Jeff is getting on a plane tomorrow to arrive tomorrow [you see Australia is a day ahead and you get on a plane “date wise” tomorrow and arrive within about 30 minutes of the “date” you left.  Kinda funny.

While he was there he utilized VOIP to stay in touch with his clientele in the Southern US.  He and I were chatting earlier that he’s planning to type up a “how I spent my time remotely away from my clients, upside down AND 12 hours opposite time zone” and put it on his web site.  He found the VOIP to work very nicely.

The Small Business Trends blog talks about the VOIP trend for small businesses in one of their latest blog entries.


2 Responses to He’s just about to come right side up again

  1. What a perfect use of VOIP! I love hearing about small businesses using VOIP.

    After several years of hype I think its time has finally arrived.

    A year ago no one ever seemed to know what I was talking about when I said Voice over IP. Now even mainstream small business owners seem to know a little something about it.

    I invite your readers to send me any testimonials about how VOIP has changed their businesses or how they or their clients are using it. I am compiling a story about small businesses adopting VOIP and would be interested to hear from you all.

    Email "anita- at – smbtrends.com"

    Or AIM at "smallbiztrends"

  2. Anne Stanton says:

    Glad to see ALL was wonderful on the VoIP recommendations for Jeff. Between regular phones and the optional softphone you can really DO a TON when it comes to international options.

    I even found out that I have UNLIMITED calls to CANADA in addition to my unlimited calls to the US.