I got Live Communications server 2003 set up in my office and noticed that when I opened Sharepoint that it had “hired” a few people.  I had “Admin template”, “Mobile user template”, and “Power users template” as “contacts” inside of Sharepoint.  Knowing that this would freak out my end users… “who are these people?”, I asked around if there was a way to remove these.


Chad who is Sharepoint power user around here said to


Open your companyweb | Site Settings | Manage Users.  Check the

templates and then ‘Remove Selected Users’


Also Chad pointed out… 


the Domain Power Users security group is a member of the Sharepoint Administrators group by default.  So if you have any Domain Power Users running around,

they’ll still have full access to your companyweb site even if you

remove them from the user list within the site . . .


Remember too the BEST Sharepoint integration is with Office 2003.. you might have to “rig“ up some stuff with other Office versions:

Windows SharePoint Services FAQ – Can I simulate “Edit in” functionality





2 Responses to So my Sharepoint hired a few employees

  1. Chrissy says:


    Sorry this is not a direct response to your blog post but it is related to SharePoint. I’d like to know if SharePoint has any advanced Contacts Management features. My company is currently using Interaction but I strongly dislike the product. We are at the point where we must upgrade but I’d rather invest the time and effort into SharePoint. There seems to be so few relevant matches on the web for SharePoint CRM and SharePoint "Contacts Management." Do you have any suggestions for research? Thanks.


  2. Alexei White says:

    Yes I am also looking for ways to use Sharepoint to perform CRM/Project mangement. I want to figure out ways to associate projects and documents with contacts