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Today we fixed the Christmas lights by using a special Christmas light bulb tester.  Without using that tester tool, we probably would not have found the 14 burnt out light bulbs in the string of lights.

A friend of mine got a IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL Error.  And in the past they’ve reinstalled the server to fix it.  Well next time an error like this occurs, don’t reinstall, JGAD it!  Just Get A Dump!  Use the right tool and make your life easier!

One update to my “get a dump” post, in order to get a KERNEL dump do the following [the prior post on Dr. Watson’s is for applications dumps not Kernel dumps]:

Right mouse click on My Computer, then on properties, then on advances, the on startup and recovery settings.

Change “write debugging information to kernel memory dump“ [at least] or go to complete memory dump [really recommended]

So next time you get something like IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL Error “Just get a dump“ JGAD!

The dump file will be located at %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP.  Call PSS and upload it so they can debug it!


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  1. Dana Epp says:

    Hey Susan,

    I started commenting on this, and decided there was enugh information to make a full blog entry out of it. You can check out my response at: http://silverstr.ufies.org/blog/archives/000761.html

    Basically you have sound advice. I would just modify it slightly. My entry will explain why.

    – Dana