You’ve heard me rant on and on about this before but MY FAVORITE blonde patch tool is opening up a beta probably next week.  A new version of HfnetchkPro is going to be released into public beta next week.

Sign up with a username on the Shavlik forum at and then send that username alias to to participate on the beta.  Word is that [sniff sniff] it will separately state SBS 2000 and 2003 and we won’t be lumped in with our big brothers anymore but have our own space.  Kewl!

Literally in the time of me typing up this blog post, I can scan and start sending patches to my entire network.  The thrill I get hearing the choruses of Windows restarting around the office gives me chills.  [Okay so I REALLY need a life]  Right now on this workstation of mine, while behind an egress filtering firewall on SBS2003, my issue with getting to Windows update is fixed, however my workstation is still not automagically pulling down patches [I’m leaving it as automagically WUable just to test]

I’d much rather have a tool that is separate from the WU feature and gives me an audit trail and report as well.  Remember my patch management interview I talked about?  When people ask “how can you justify a patch managment solution” …and to that I say…how can you NOT when patching for 25 workstations is about $24 a workstation. 

It just makes sense to have a tool and I’ll be honest with you, you’ll have to pry my dead cold fingers off of my Shavlik patch tool.  It may not be quite enough to get us SBSers to “fully installed” patch status as it does not do our important but not security critical patches, it sure is a network lifesaver once that system is built.

I think this is one beta you’ll want to check out.


2 Responses to My favorite blonde patch tool is coming out with a beta

  1. Gavin says:

    It’s GERAT that Shavlik have focused on SBS as a legitimate and important product by ensuring proper reporting and patch management. HOWEVER – what’s the point of that when they’ve priced the majority of the SBS based small businesses right out of the market?

    As I’ve ranted about before – HFNETCHKPRO has NO licensing options for companies with between 11 and 24 clients. Guess what? THAT IS THE PRIME SBS MARKET!

    I really hope they will address this, as I would love to include them, along with Veritas and TrendMicro as SBS Friendly third party applications.

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