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Drat.  Come home, need to check on something at the office and RWW isn’t working.  Rats.  Okay I’ve got a back door so lets check out the issues…..

Port 443 is responding – ran a Portqry [the GUI one for me] and 443 and 4125 are good.
Web site Certificate is appropriately hooked
Destinations sets look fine in ISA
It was working yesteday and now after security patch reboots is not
Server publishing rule is in

Hmmm…. okay do the wizard thing and let’s rerun the connect to internet wizard.  It’s obviously something with ISA.

Shoot the CEICW wizard isn’t wizing.  It’s failing on me.  Open up the icwlog file and see what it says. 

Drill under program files, Microsoft Small Bus Server, Support and find the icwlog.txt and open it up and start looking for an error:

Error 0x80005006 returned from call to Fixing the inheritance for root dir().

calling Set Web Publishing Rules (0x80005006).

Error 0x80005006 returned from call to CRFireCommit::Commit().

Ah..okay let’s google.

Put in the “returned from call to Fixing the inheritance for root “ in Google groups, with the search limited to the group of

Ah ha…we have a possible hit .

Hey, that’s Eriq Neale the SBS/Mac guru [btw, he informed me today it’s Mac not MAC]

And Eriq says in his post:

This is the key point in the error logs. Thanks for posting those. Likely,
you are running into an issue with a FrontPage-enabled virtual directory.
Try the following to see if it will address the issue for you:

1. Open the IIS Management snap-in.
2. Open the properties of the Default Web Site and go to the Directory
Security tab.
3. Go to the IP Address and Domain Name Restrctions setting and change the
setting. Just do the opposite of what is set. If currently set to grant
all, change it to deny all except for the local IP and subnet mask of the
4. Select all to apply the change to all subwebs.
5. Select all again to apply the change all the way down.

You should then be able to run the CEICW successfully.

Bingo, I can.  Thank you Mr. Neale.  See how googling helps if you get stuck?


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  1. Tony Su says:

    1. Congrats on finding the solution to your problem… and showing how a resourceful search can turn up the answer. Since MS employees have become so much active on the Internet, it’s revolutionized how anyone who supports or builds applications using Microsoft technologies can do their work.

    2. The solution worries me. There is a similar solution for ISA logging (authentication fails, the recommendation for that situation is to enter a blank password even if the account requires a password) and the solution worked for a few weeks, then failed and I found that changing back to the original setting worked again. I wonder if the same thing will happen here because the fix is illogical.

    3. MS has got to do something about how fragile Frontpage Extensions might still be, at least there is a big improvement in Win2K3 supporting WSS compared to STS on Win2K. It’s why although I have always thought that these technologies are nice ideas, if they break they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Besides, today if you are running WSS there is less reason (I didn’t say no reason!) to be using FrontPage to support your website.


  2. Susan says:

    Rerunning the wizard reset the permissions as to what was needed.

  3. sproket90 says:

    to me what is amazing about this type of issue…

    1. the first thing that anyone does, is hit Google. It is almost impossible to find something on Microsoft’s web site to resolve an issue. I would venture 80% of the error messages I run into, I google and find a message that points to a KB on MS site. If I would go to MS site and do a search for the same error message I would Never find it.

    2. SBS2k3 is a superior product compared to SBS 4.5 or SBS2k, However to me it seems much more fragile in the area of Breaking something that is working. Ever patch I install now, is with crossed fingers, hoping it doesn’t break something I can not resolve without a painstaking 4 hour search on Google. My own box, which was running fine for 8 months, refused to allow me to login. Would just sit there at a grey screen. Tried a couple of ideas from google. They appeared to work for a couple of days, then back to the same. Many hours of searching without a clear answer to the problem. No changes to the box, nothing in the event logs, nada…. now it appears to be working ok. I am just waiting for one of my customers to call me, "oh I can’t log into my server today"

    3. Everyone screams load the patches, patch the box… and how many times to we have to load this on production equipment, begging and pleading to the Boot up Gods that the machine will reboot ok or better yet.. that the machine will not need to be rebooted.

  4. Tony M says:

    I had the same problem and came across this by a search for "Error 0x80005006 returned from call to Fixing the inheritance for root dir". The sbs2003 server had been running fine for a year, I went to run the wizard a week ago to open up OWA and came across the same issue of the firewall portion failing. I am not sure what would have changed??? Maybe a security patch??? Should I rerun the IP address and domain name restrictions to all granted access or leave it where it is now at with the local subnet only included?


  5. JohnB says:

    The problem is in the IIS Metabase – installing the frontpage extensions does something to the IIS metabase security settings, toggling the “IP address and Domain name restrictions” setting changes the metabase enough to allow the ICW firewall section to run successfully, which once it is run, corrects the Security settings even the change you have made on the “IP address and Domain name restrictions”

    Mr. Neale should know he wrote the book on it! 😉