Like yeah, Dude! We do need a MCE Server!

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There are times sometimes you want to go…. yo…dude…what have I been saying?  Scoble tonight ponders about a home server.. not a mirraserver but a server based on Microsoft Media Center Edition.  Like YO DUDE…this is what I’ve been saying for like how many years now?  Especially I said it after touring the E-home at Microsoft.  As we toured the home of the future…well..the home of the future for GUYS as we gals still had to cook and clean and pick up the dustbunnies and what not.  But as we walked around the house I could see.. wow they need a server here.  My friends in LA already have in their closet a wiring cupboard that has the needed router, wireless access point, replay TV connectors, etc.  The house of the future will have a server.

I will wack Scoble upside the head on one thing though, a server in my world is a dedicated box that has dedicated software on it.  The title of this software has “SERVER“ in the name.  Not Windows XP media center or Windows XP.  So many of my fellow computer geeks consider a “workstation“ that they make into the “Mothership server“ role as a server and it’s not.  Servers are designed from the get go for maximum “serving“ and they are not designed as a “client“.  MCE is a “client“, not a “server“.

In one of Scoble’s link blogs they talk about the lack of a “cult” for MCEers.  Man I guess I’m just more friends with geeks but everyone that I know that have MCEs are quite “culty” about them.  Heck, when two SBSers got together for lunch did they talk about SBS?  No, they talked about MCE. 

So folks..yo..Microsoft… wake up and realize that people are already making the product that they want to have.  A home server. And while we’re in rant mode tonight, I was relaying my “computer purchase from h-e-double-toothpick story and everyone in my office says the same thing about their Best Buy Computer experience.  They hate the store.

Build us the product people are starting to want.

Sell it in a better way to us.


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