You know you are a geek when

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You know you are a geek when….

  • Your best friends who went to the Las Vegas Computer Electronic show and get you a sweatshirt that says “Technology is a girl’s best friend“.
  • You debate the merits of looking up the TV listings on or Media Center Edition with a person online
  • You chat more on IM than you do on the phone
  • You get goosebumps when a new Dell 19inch flat screen arrives in the office and it can rotate from landscape to portrait and comes with a telescoping stand
  • You use the “profile settings“ in Instant messenger to post comments to friends.
  • You’ve taken pictures before of computers that are in public places with BSOD’s and error messages [however I’d like to point out that while I’ve taken photos of these BSOD’s, it’s another geeky person that I know that actually figured out what the driver error in question was from looking at the digital image on the camera].
  • You know what BSOD is without saying “Blue Screen of Death“
  • You get a new computer and the FIRST thing you do is load up the Google toolbar and the SearchURL

There are lots more here from another source….and um… for the record…. um…. the Net was on TV this weekend and in the upcoming Advanced SBS book from Harry’s Brelsford… and I…… I list it as one of my favorite computer related movies.


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  1. Mir says:

    The Net, what a great movie. If it wasn’t that my husband LOVES Sandra Bullock, I’d have watched it many more times! 🙂