Those of you in Washington state take a look at attending this event on

March 10th, 2005.


We have user group members from as far north as

Vancouver, BC Canada and east of the mountains over near Yakima, so making

the trek for one meeting if you a Microsoft Partner VAP/VAR is something you

should consider for the March 10th event.  Below is the information.  We are

making plans for food and giveaways now, so the sooner you register, the

better off we all will be.  Look for the Redmond event for Washington.

Other venues are listed as well, so all Partners should check out this link

for tour dates near you.


SIGN UP NOW for the Windows Small Business Server 2003 (SBS 2003) Partner

Group Tour



Taking the Partners and Microsoft Team Members to the next level of

partnership and creating even greater success with SBS 2003 going forward


The Microsoft SBS Product and Development teams have announced plans to

visit 14 U.S. cities this March as part of the first U.S. SBS Partner Group

Tour. The goal of this tour is to take the Small Business Partners and

Microsoft Team Members to the next level of partnership and create even

greater success with SBS going forward. In an effort to better connect with

the SBS Partners, Microsoft team members will be guests at each of 14

Partner group meetings. As an attendee at this two-hour free event, you will

learn first-hand the benefits of moving your customers to SBS 2003 and the

opportunities that await you. Microsoft will also be soliciting your

feedback on your future needs. Make a connection with the Microsoft team,

see the potential of SBS, and make your voice heard!




Small Business Consultants




All though there are no formal prerequisites for this seminar, attendees

should have an understanding of and some experience with SBS 2003.




In an effort to get away from their cubicles and Redmond (as some Partners

view it), the Microsoft SBS Product and Development teams have announced

plans to visit 14 U.S. cities this March as part of the first U.S. SBS

Partner Group Tour. In some circles, they are called “User Groups,” but we

know the majority of members are actually Microsoft Partners looking to join

up with other SBS Partners to create greater opportunities and results for

their companies.


Says Microsoft’s SBS Product Manager, Derek Brown: “I’m truly excited to

meet our SBS Partners, and not only bring them a big thank you for a job

well done, but we’ll also look to share some valuable information and

content. In addition, we expect to do a lot of listening and hear directly

from each of them what their needs are for even more success with SBS into

the future.”


San Diego SBS Group President, Roger Otterson notes: “This is part of what

we had in mind when we started our SBS group four years ago. Creating a

group of SBS Partners gives Microsoft ample justification to utilize its

resources to really connect with SMB Partners via these GROUPS – where, in

the past, as single entities, it would never happen!” SBS Partner Group head

in Cincinnati, Kevin Royalty adds: “Even though Microsoft is actually coming

to us at these events, it’s now up to us as SBS Partners to make the effort

to attend a tour event and make a real connection with the Microsoft Teams.

I see these events as an inspiration to the Partners AND Microsoft to

recognize what our true potential with SBS and the SMB is.”




The following are covered in the FREE, two-hour evening event:


The Small Business Customer – Data and Trends


How Partners are making money with SBS 2003


SBS 2003 SP1 overview and what it means for you and

your customers


SBS 2003 demos


Product strategy and roadmap


This is a FREE event sponsored by your local SBS User Group.

Beyond the valuable and timely information that follows a

TS2 event content, you’ll also receive:


128mb USB pen drive – Microsoft Partner Program Branded


The latest Partner Group ONLY SBS Partner DVD with 3GB of

technical and marketing content


An invaluable overview of the soon to be released SBS Service Pack 1

from top level SBS team members


Helpful presentations on how SBS Partners make money in the

SMB Space


The latest research covering what and who the SMB customer is,

and how you can reach customers based on this latest data


An invaluable opportunity to network with other local,

successful SBS focused Partners (and their local SBS

Partner Groups)


And, as always, Microsoft will provide some great premium

incentives and giveaways to make everyone happy

(no T-shirts, we promise)!


Thanks everyone!





Steven Banks [SBS MVP]

Banks Consulting Northwest Inc.


Cities on the tour are:

  • Cincinnati, OH 3/22/2005
  • Denver, CO 3/31/2005
  • Independence, OH 3/24/2005
  • Irving, TX 3/29/2005
  • Louisville, KY 3/21/2005
  • Omaha, NE 3/28/2005
  • Pasadena, CA 3/18/2005
  • Phoenix, AZ 3/16/2005
  • Portland, OR 3/14/2005
  • Redmond, WA 3/10/2005
  • Sacramento, CA 3/15/2005
  • San Antonio, TX 3/30/2005
  • San Diego, CA 3/17/2005
  • Southfield, MI 3/23/2005


ooooh I’m goosepimply folks…this is sooooo cool!

If you are anywhere near these cities

this is a MUST GO TO EVENT for SBSers!!!!


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