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An idea I just had
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a product similar to MS Small Business Server 2003, but called MS Home Server 2003 (or MS Home Server 2005 or something). It would be similar to SBS, but oriented toward home networks rather than business networks. It would probably have the same kind of components as SBS, but with maybe a hard limit of 5 clients (no additional licenses possible to add) and would have features more oriented toward home apps rather than business apps. Outlook/Exchange would be there, and the SharePoint portal server would be there, but geared for a “family” website, with built in photo sharing, blogging, personal webpages, etc. MS could include either antivirus and anti-adware stuff on the server to push down to clients. And to keep it from working in corporate environments, it would only allow XP Home clients, through some secret way that MS would have of unlocking the ability to join a domain.

Oh man …woudn’t it be though? 

Except for the e-home of the future can I have a robot that does the dishes and hangs up my clothes automagically?  Something that will automagically hang them up as I change into the “home clothes” so I don’t have to pick them up off the floor. 

Wonder if I can mswish that one?


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  1. I actually have a couple clients for which I’ve installed SBS in their home alongside an XPMCE box. Ideally, I think that is what needs to be included with the system, or rather integrated into IIS.

    Personally, I’m running Windows Media Server off of my SBS at home… I haven’t had time to set up my own XPMCE PC… have just been having to make do with my TiVo (which I love, and am happy to hear that it will have an integration into Media Center… according to Bill Gates’ technically challenged keynote address at CES).

    Interestingly, I think there’s a crossover potential here… for a market that Microsoft hasn’t been able to crack… Advertising, P.R. or Publishing firms. Most of which have PC’s on the sales and business side, and Macs on the creative side.

    As for MSWishing… the only way it happens is if you wish for it. (I remember about 20some years ago when I would FAX my suggestions to the development folks at WordPerfect in Orem, UT with my suggestions for improvements… innevitably, I’d find a few of them actually were implemented).

    Speaking of Utah… better MSWish that the MSHS comes with a maximum of 10 CAL’s if you want to be able to sell any there.

    Jeff @