SBS and a smidge of mobility

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Most of us in the office aren’t quite yet ready to take the uber mobility with OMA [why do I keep wanting to call it Uma like Uma Thurman?] but we are using our IR enabled Nokia Cell phones to sync with our Outlook.  Well today when setting up a couple I found that I got this error that I googled up a fix:

I tried to connect my 6230 to my PC via IrDA (Win XP) but when it connected and XP recognised the phone PC Suite gave an error that the phone is unrecognised and gave the error code: 0x80043605 Any ideas how to solve this problem?

The conclusion was that you had to go into control panel, devices, and adjust the IR as follows:

You must choose ->> Infrared Transceiver Type = Vishay 6101E <<- in properties your IrDA

Bingo it works and I can now use the PCsuite software to sync to Outlook.  Don’t forget to check out the newly released Small IT solution for mobility document!


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  1. Berther says:

    Thank you. Had same problem.

    For the Infrared Transeiver Type I had only the choice for "Vishay TFD" (not Vishay 6101E), but it still solved the problem.

    Thank you. Thomas

  2. Dhiraj Raut says:

    I’m facing same problem with my Nokia 6610 phone. The device I’m using is Kingsun SF-620 USB Infrared Adapter, and it does not have the said option in the properties of my IRDA.

    Any other ideas how to solve this problem?

  3. Melvin says:

    Yup, I’m using the same too: Kingsun SF-620 USB Infrared Adapter. To solve it, go to the device’s properties window. UNder the "Advanced" tab, I selected a connection speed of 19200bps. Default selected is 115200bps, which is kinda too high? hence 19200 is the speed.

    found a hint to the solution when I came across the following:

  4. Matt says:

    Changing the speed of my "Kingsun SF-620" doesn’t make any differance. I still get the same error "0x80043605".

    Nothing seems to work..

  5. Simone says:

    Hi people, I have same problem with Kingsun SF-620 USB Infrared Adapter, but any error when the program run.

    My telephone is Siemens CX65 and it doesn’t exist to the inside of the data of the program Kingsun.

    I can pass images from the PC to the telephone, but they do not give the telephone to the PC.

    Exists one new version of the program Kingsun or the upgrade?

    How I can resolve the problem?

    Hi, Simone

  6. Patrick says:


    I’ve a NOKIA 6310i and couldn’t connect to my Acer Travelmate 6000 via infrared (using PC Suite 6.6 and Win XP SP 2). It works when you change the setting of your IrDA Driver to Vishay TFDS-6500.



  7. Darren says:

    thanks! worked for the nokia 6170 with pc suite 6.6…changed to vishay TFD.

  8. Pranav says:

    Hi friends!

    Ok, I use Nokia 6100. Tried every possible solution, from changing its speed to trying to install another driver. Since I have Kingsun SF-620 driver for my Bafo BF-120, no question of Vishays too.

    What next, any ideas?



  9. Tim says:

    I have a Kingsun SF-620. Changing the speed doesn’t work for me either:-(

  10. dsubra says:

    Bafo BF120 (original)should have Vishay driver, not Kingsun sf120, it is not original. Try to use kingsun sf120 driver(i have it) – it works for my SE K300i using Float MA.


  11. says:

    i get the same error code on cable connection with my DKU-5

    anyone have any ieda how to fix it?
    please help me!

  12. Erik says:

    “Vishay TFD” works for me 2!! Thx

  13. duder says:

    Yep, Vishay is definitely the way to go! (5140i connecting to a laptop via a infrared usb dongle)