So I want a Conference room please?

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During this time of the year in the office, we reserve the conference rooms and we’re trying to “bamm” up the geek factor this year [it’s not like we couldn’t do this before but we’re starting to get enough folks using electronic mobility devices that we’re starting to get more and more realizing the power of Outlook.  Roger and I were talking about how this the one app that hits the guy who bought the network and it really needs a lot more attention to training and showcasing the features of it, but we have a hard time getting folks to fully take advantage of it like they should.  Roger’s wife Francine is a wiz-bang on Outlook]

So the first thing you do is setup the conference rooms as “users” in the “add user wizard” but don’t set up a computer.  Then you need to setup a profile for the conference room on the person’s Outlook that will “own“ the conference room..

Start, control panel, mail.  Click on profiles, and add the Conference room and add the exchange mail account, and the username [in my case FrontConferenceRoom].  I clicked the box for Outlook to ask me which profile to ask for and launched Outlook for the Conference room mailbox.

Inside I clicked on Tools, Options, Preferences, then Calendar options, the Resource Scheduling and selected all three boxes.

You then click on set permissions, select the permissions tab, set the default user role as author and click okay, and then okay again.

Now click on the Free/Busy Options, change the publishing info to be 6 months.

The info is a variation of this Technet article

You can see that I can now go into calendar and schedule and “invite“ the Front Conference Room as a “resource“

Oh and that’s just a test… the Conference room really isn’t booked at 8 a.m. on Sunday 🙂

P.S.  Because the conference rooms never “log in” they don’t consume a CAL [client access license]. [figured someone was going to ask sooner or later]

Double P.S.  Because I [per office policy] open up mailbox access, I was able to easily do this.  You might have to temporarily log in as that “conference room” to grant permissions to another person in the office to have delegation rights.


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