If your USB isn’t USB ing

On February 6, 2005, in Tools, by

These days if you buy a retail computer that has 432 media slots ready for any number of camera/memory sticks [okay so I’m overstating the number of media slots] you will find that your drive letter where you “were” going to put the mapped network drive is now “compact flash” drive H:

So what can you do?

Start, control panel, admin tools [flip to classic view], computer management, disk management, find the media drive, right mouse click and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths

Now move that drive “away” from your network drives… like X or something 

And now you can use your traditional drive letter locations… also when working with new servers and having a USB drive stuck in the slot, don’t forget that they can boot from usb so don’t have a heart attack when you go to reboot it and it says “no OS”… check the floppy for a: drives, check the usb and remove all the media and keep booting that server.


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  1. Wrong direction. Microsoft recommends to start network drives at Z:, so you would never ever get so far to remap e.g. 35 clients workstations per hand … change a netlogon script, which (re-)map a drive to the new (user-)share is much easier. Isn’t that hard for the users to "learn" the home-directory isn’t at H:, but you will find it now at Z: