Newbies please line up here

On February 10, 2005, in HyperVServerinfo, by

A comment was made in the blog tonight about how they had recently installed their SBS 2k3 and the stumbled on this site [welcome] and that it was nice to go to a place where newbies like me are treated decently for wanting to learn, and not hung out to dry by the “exclusive, if-you-don’t-know-you-shouldn’t-be-here” crowd”

You are going to think I’m absolutely insane but I love it when someone says “I”m new to SBS” because it means we got us another newbie to the community and I LOVE newbies.  Why?  Because it reminds me of how I got here.

You see [and it really hasn’t been that long ago] that I stumbled across the Small Business Server Community and just started lurking.  And lurking.  And reading.  And finally one day, timidly posting.  And that’s how it starts.  You see, I think life is a lot more fun and interesting when you are always a little bit “newbie”… a new participant in an activity.  I think being a newbie means that you are constantly learning and growing.

So if you are new to SBS 2003 or new to servers or new to domains, or new to …. well anything.  Welcome.  Pull up a chair.  Join our SBS communities.  I hope you find it just as welcoming and informative as I found them years ago when I stumbled across them and found these guys named Jeff, Cris, Michel and Grey helping an inquistive newbie.

The names may have changed of the helpers, but the same core thought is there.  Newbies are definitely welcome in SBSland.

Pull up a chair and sit a while. 


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