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In buying some USB cables at Office Depot tonight, I noticed that Office Depot had XP sp2 cdroms in the same shelf as the AOL cdroms.  Kewl.  I was posting to a listserve some of my accumulated “stuff” about XP sp2 and I’ll copy it here….

For those that haven’t deployed it…. DO IT.  Go Borg! 


In my little lan while certainly not a huge rollout, just a few patterns that I noted

2 out of 2 workstations with Nvidia digital video cards did not like the driver in Sp2 and needed to be booted into safe mode and rolled back to the sp1 driver.

2 out of 2 computers [laptop/desktop] with various versions of AOL installed on them [yeah… I know….don’t ask] did not have good install experiences and required the use of a repair install.

Ensure you scan with a malware remover BEFORE deploying SP2 as there are a couple of nasty strains [one in particular comes to mind] that wreak havok with sp2 installs
Windows XP Service Pack 2 is not available to install from Windows Update and is not offered by Automatic Updates:

All other machines were deployed in stages using Shavlik HfnetchkPro and had no issues.

After deployment I would advise installing the Loopback patch for two issues….

1.  Some reported issues with Cisco VPNS and what not
2.  A bit noisy app log files with mrxsmb “cosmetic” issues

Programs that connect to IP addresses that are in the loopback address range may not work as you expect in Windows XP Service Pack 2:

The recent 05-011 patch has some very isolated issues with XP sp2 and 2k3 networks [file shares and mapped drives] so if you are seeing any of these remember it’s a free call to Microsoft for security patch issues.  [I personally am not seeing issues here]

There are two other patches that you may want to include in your XPsp2 images for those that RIS and 886185 gets offered up via Windows update but not deemed to be a security patch

Description of the critical update for Windows Firewall “My Network (subnet) only” scoping in Windows XP Service Pack 2:
You receive the Stop error “Stop 0x05 (INVALID_PROCESS_ATTACH_ATTEMPT)” in Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Server 2003:

Get XP sp2… go BORG!


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