Just a heads up….started a new category for the blog… I call it Vendors who ‘get SBS’ and the inaugural post is the press release from Level Platforms announcing that they have SBSized their “management templates” for their product.

If there are other vendors you’d like to nominate to the Vendors who ‘get SBS’ category [and some of you already did this so I’ll go back and repost those] feel free to drop me a line at sbradcpa-at-pacbell.net.

I was on the phone with Tech Support with my tax prep program [CCH] and when I said to the guy on the phone that my server software was “Windows 2003” he said “Small business?”, I said …”yes” and he said “cool program!”

Wow…that’s the first time someone outside of the Microsoftish world I live in has said that….. it’s starting to get known… kewl!


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