The power of ONE

On February 20, 2005, in HyperVServerinfo, by

You know about the power of ONE don’t you?  Anyone who installs a SBS 2003 server knows ALL about the power of ONE.  One domain controller drives a business.  One mail server runs a firm.  One network makes a firm.  Personally I have a wacko view that I think the power of ONE makes you more agile, more able to spread your resources into upgrading other technology in your firm.

This week I got a reminder of the power of ONE.  There’s a powerful ONE that helps out Microsoft Partners to be better partners by joining ONE community. 

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The Microsoft Small Business Channel Community is ONE source to help you narrow your focus into today’s information overload.  One community member said that they go to the site to know the webcasts that target the Small Business Community because otherwise they have to weed through a lot of non related web casts.

While there click on the link to join ONE user group to share your “been there, done that“ stories and when you need an extra pair of hands know that there’s at least ONE person there you can sub-contract or joint venture with. 

When we all join forces to become ONE, we become a bigger ONE.

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