The quick and dirty answer to yesterday’s post about whether SBSers get Entourage 2004 for Mac’s is YES!  Us SBSers are legal for this and do get the right to have Entourage 2004.

The slightly longer answer is that for now the Sofware Assurance Volume License channel has it [as I can confirm] and that “channel” is working [ummm… I hate to point this out as another reason to get Software Assurance in my book is that they know we yell louder and this typically ensure that this distribution channel gets priority…. but I’m sure that’s not exactly an answer everyone loves to hear…but ….ummm…. it is kinda how it’s working at the present time….or maybe they know that one annoying SBSer is a SA customer and they want to keep me happy?  😉 ].

OEM and Retail channel just hang tight for just a smidge longer [or … ummm……and you didn’t read this here…. if you have a client [like me] on Software Assurance/Volume Licensing who doesn’t have any Mac’s around and thus it’s still shrinkwrapped ….steal their copy of Entourage 2004 for the time being].  There will be final information on the site on how to get copies of Entourage 2004.

Bottom line we ARE INDEED licensed for it….we just have to wait just a smidge for the OEM and Retail channel fulfillment to get in place.

P.S.  Does everyone know that if they log onto the MSSmallbiz website they can download FOR FREE the Licensing chapter from Harry B’s Advanced book [nice sneak peak at the book]



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