The recording is now live [click here] on the web for Jeff’s SBSMigration method

“We will be talking with a SBS MVP [Jeff Middleton] about benefits of deploying SBS 2003. Swing Migration – Windows Domain Upgrade Method – This unique technical solution can redefine your SMB business and server support model, even put an end to the “business shutdown” or “the long-weekend server upgrade” approach to Windows Server and SBS upgrades. Direct shifts from NT4.0 Server to Windows 2003 domains become possible, as does a clean server installation recovery of Active Directory, salvage from a damaged solo Domain Controller or backup. Swing Migration delivers a clean installed OS platform, (with or without hardware replacement), retains the same server-name, same domain. ADMT is not required, no SID changes, no UNC namespace break, just a transparent server upgrade that includes the confidence of not impacting the workstations. This documented process keeps a customer’s domain in production, allows a full server replacement for complicated Exchange based organizations on a single domain controller such as SBS operating as a file server as well. Your technician can work offsite, offline, open-timeline and with nothing to undo if unexpected issues arise.


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