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If you are reading this blog…if you install computer systems…. you should already be signed up as a Microsoft registered partner [if not, click here to enroll].  But now that you’ve done “that”…. how about we “bamm” it up a bit shall we?

I was out on the Microsoft Partner site and if you are a registered partner that specializes in SBS… you need to enroll in the Small Business Partner Engagement Program:

Check it out!  Cool look at the emphases of SBS, Office and XP with Service pack 2 [aka the Security triangle in my book]

Enroll in the Partner Engagement Program for Small Business! Designed for resellers with small business clients, this program will support your marketing and sales efforts for Microsoft Windows XP Professional (with Service Pack 2), Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003, and Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003.

With over 7 million small businesses in the U.S., the small business market revenue opportunity is huge – and it’s growing every day. You can share in this substantial opportunity by actively promoting the benefits of Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (with Service Pack 2), Office Small Business Edition 2003, and Windows Small Business Server 2003.

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Program, you’re well-positioned to provide your customers with services designed to improve their business productivity while generating incremental revenues for you. To start expanding your service and revenue opportunities right away get involved and sign up for this Small Business Engagement Program!


Update:  Look to your local/regional partner program for equivalent “go to marketplace” offers ..for example I know the UK site has a great resource in a “meeting in a box” that is offered along with info on Home Computing Initiative.


3 Responses to Are you engaged?

  1. Nick W says:

    Pity this is only available in the States.

  2. Scott says:

    Hey… I wanted to make a comment from a MS Partner who has been burned by SBS. Microsoft recommends that users move from PST files to an Exchange server if they want their e-mail backed up. Great, so I put an SBS server in for a 25 user network to solve this problem. Oh wait… says Microsoft. If you want to store your mail in our Exchange server, you’re out of luck cause you only get 16-gig of space under ALL versions of SBS. However, if you’d like to have 2TB of storage space, you can fork out $3-4k for the "Enterprise" version of Exchange. I don’t need 2TB of space.. but 500-700gig would sure be nice for an office of 25 people. Mail users these days keep multiple GIG of e-mail storage ONLINE and actually need it (so archiving is NOT the solution). At 16 gig, this limit restricts each uers (of 25 users) to 640mb each. By todays standards, that’s NOTHING!. Why would they expand the PST limit on Outlook 2003 (which was way over due!) but leave Exchange stuck at NT4 space standards. I can answer that.. they want to RAPE the small business guy who gets roped into using and depending on exchange but runs out of space. It’s not about product capabilities but rather about money an licenses! Such CRAP! I won’t be selling any more SBS for this reason! It’s a bait and switch tactic!


  3. Susan says:

    Excuse ME Scott but you already posted this once….. and besides… 16 gig is the NORMAL Exchange limit dude. So exactly what DO you sell to your client base if you are a MS partner there dude?

    They know this and we’ve been asking for a raise in the limit. Man I’m glad you aren’t "my" MS partner representative.

    You are definitely a "1/2 empty" person rather than a 1/2 full.

    So may I ask exactly what DO you install in a firm?