Yeah…the catch is …98 has no security

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In yesterday’s mailbox came the email from WindowsITPro with an article/commentary by Paul Thurrott and in it he talks about IE 7.0:

 “IE 7.0
   The biggest security hole in any Windows system is IE. Although
Microsoft made many important improvements to IE in Windows XP
Service Pack 2 (SP2), the product is still a conduit for spyware and
other malicious software (malware), phishing probes, and numerous
other electronic attacks. Microsoft is going to attack the problem at
the source: Rather than wait for the release of Longhorn in 2006,
which was the original plan, Microsoft will ship IE 7.0 in late 2005.
At least two public betas will ship around midyear. As with SP2, IE
7.0 will include sweeping security fixes and, possibly, heavily
requested features such as tabbed browsing.
   There’s a catch, however. IE 7.0 will be made available only to XP
SP2 users. That’s right. Customers still using earlier XP versions,
Windows 2000, or Windows 9x are out of luck. This kind of forced
upgrade in the name of security is dangerous, in my opinion. Although
I agree that XP SP2 includes low-level security features that aren’t
present in other OS versions and would be difficult or time consuming
to add, forcing customers to upgrade an OS–with all the inherent
time, difficulty, and cost associated with such an effort–is

uh…. folks… newsflash for ya…. Windows 9x has no security so to even expect something that can protect us like we need to be protected in the year 2005 when the underlying code was probably written back in… oh… say 1996 or 1997 is a bit much.  The same goes for Windows 2000 to be honest with you.  I’d probably say that my first real awareness of Security was back on the SBS 2000 platform in the “code red” days.  Windows XP sp2 and Windows 2003 both are better built to withstand today’s threats.

  • 98 has no event viewer and thus none of the benefits of the web site

  • 2000 has none of the build in protections that XP has.

  • XP sp1 doesn’t have the additional protections that sp2 has

Someone once said that you can’t bolt security on afterwards…. you definitely can’t with Windows 98.  It has no security.

I have full XP sp2 here in the office with the firewall enabled INSIDE the firm for additional protection.  Believe me, I sleep a lot better knowing that I’ve killed off Windows 98.


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