From the mailbox today comes this tip from WayneV

While I was trying to find an answer to a web based program/IIS problem I stumbled on a checkbox worth mentioning.

I was getting the error:

The page cannot be displayed

There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.


Please try the following:

Open the home page, and then look for links to the information you want.

Click the Refresh button, or try again later.

Click Search to look for information on the Internet.

You can also see a list of related sites.

HTTP 500 – Internal server error

Internet Explorer

Which tells you practically nothing.

However, if in IE, you turn off “Friendly HTTP error messages” by choosing tools – internet options – advanced. You get the real program error message and line number of the error which makes it a hell of lot easier to solve. -Sheeeesh


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